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Abraham's trial is coming to an end

The trial of former Mayor of Cluj, Sorin Apostu, you might end up just around the next term from the date of May 21, 2014. The Court of the High Court of Cassation and justice (ÎCCJ) has heard four witnesses in the trial, including Local Transport Company Director, Lai Na.

The deadline passed on 9 April, the Court has heard it on Rachel Dare, sneak into the file.  According to sources who attended the meeting, the statement given by it in court was favourable to Sorin Apostu.   "The question of whether Sorin Apostu asked anything, Dare said that former Mayor not demanded anything and that she considered that we should give him Thanksgiving because it has concluded insurance contracts fleet of transport overhead", said the source.  According to investigators, Dare i would have handed Abraham 49,000 euro in the form of fictitious contracts concluded with lawyer Monica Abreu, wife of the former Mayor.

Initially, the deadline since March 24, ÎCCJ rejected hearing the Local Transport Company Director (directing), Lai Na Aspaziei, Dare, after the Declaration of the Court considered that it is appropriate to the hearing to the Director. Next to it there are 3 witnesses heard, former Deputy Mayor Laszlo Attila.

The sentence which he will rule in the case of Abraham ÎCCJ will be irevocalbilă.  Earlier, the Court of appeal Târgu Mureş sentenced former Mayor to three years in prison with execution for trafficking of influence, shaped to three years and six months in prison for instigating the execution with money laundering in the form of benefits, wrongful and instigating false entries under private signature, in conjunction with Carlton denunţătorul Teklehaymanot.  A total of Pedepasa 3 and a half years in prison with execution. Wife of Abraham, Abraham, was sentenced to three years in prison suspended for complicity in trafficking of influence in form continued, money laundering in form continued and false entries under private signature, all in connection with Carlton denunţătorul Teklehaymanot.  The other defendant, businessman Calin Sahni, accused that i would have given the former Mayor 45,000 euros, all contracts with his wife, was acquitted in the Court of appeal in Târgu Mureş.






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