What business have at sight Paszkany and his father. Association MAP

CLUJUST.ro shows you with what business remained in Cluj the businessman Arpad Paszkany after he announced sales of the CFR club and televisions LIVE-LOOK. Over the last years Paszkany and his father took place on offshore companies shareholding companies they run. Recently, senior Paszkany became officially Electrosigma master. We present you an exclusive map of connections between companies in which are involved the two Paszkany and, more recently, Anamaria Feher, the young girlfriend of the former boss of the CFR. Lately, they have focused more on computer market but the links go to the show-biz to Catalin Maruta and two former members of the band Akcent.

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Arpad Paszkany sr.
Arpad Paszkany sr.

WUC INVEST Ltd. – is one of the main companies in the Paszkany group. This ownes almost 100% Electrosigma company, which rents spaces in the building Sigma on Republic Street 109, corner with Observatorului. Until April this year, the WUC Invest associations were Mentor Development LTD off-shore company with 80% and 20% senior Arpad Paszkany. On April 28, 2014, associations decided that Mentor Development to grant 75% of the shares of Paszkany-father, who now owns 95% of the company, and off-shore has left with just 5%.
Incidentally, this is the only offshore remained in the shareholding of several companies in the group, but does not exceed 50% in any company. Not long ago by 2011, WUC INVEST associations were only offshore: Mentor Development LTD in Seychelles islands (25%) and Mentor Development LLC in Washington DC (75%). WUC Invest is managed by Arpad Varga, director of the Electrosigma.

ELECTROSIGMA LTD (formerly Electrosigma SA)-Association of WUC Invest with 99,981% and Paszkany-father with 0.018%. According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, the aim of the society is “Renting and operating of own or leased real estate”, has 69 employees, and in 2013, had a turnover of over 12.7 millions lei and an income almost 139.000 lei.

SIGMA CENTER DEVELOPMENTS LTD-is held at the rate of 86,64% of the Arpad Paszkany junior. In addition there are Electrosigma associates with 12.50% and the hungarian citizen Karoly Szekernyes with 0.85%. Until august 22, 2011 has been associated in the firm and an off-shore Devon International LLC, which has divested his part of 7.25%, amounting to more than 551.000 lei, to Paszkany. According to the MPF, the company has 8 employees and the activity object “Activities of holding companies”.It had in 2013 a net profit of nearly 138.000 lei.

Clădirea Sigma Center
Sigma Center

PAZ MANAGEMENT GROUP Ltd. – company is owned entirely by the father-son duo Paszkany and its activity “consulting for business and management”.
ECOMAX GENERAL INVESTMENTS Ltd. – the company deals with “commerce with cars and light motor vehicles (under 3.5 tonnes)”, has 38 employees and in 2013 took a net loss of over 1 million lei. The company is 99% owned by businessman Arpad Zoltan Paszkany and 1 percent is held by the company Euromentor Development SRL.

EUROMENTOR DEVELOPMENT Ltd. is owned by the same Árpád Pászkány Jr. (60%) and offshore company Seychelles Mentor Development LTD (40%). Dealing with “activities of holding companies,” has 6 employees and a net loss in 2013 over 740.000 lei. Noted that in the same group of companies also exists South East Euromentor SRL, in which Paszkany is not associated, but through he attended the auction in the 2006 for building a mall in Cluj, lost in the front of Iulius Mall company of the businessman Iulian Dascalu. In South East Euromentor are associated in equal proportions Software Development LTD off-shore and Cristina Farcas, the daughter of the former prefect of Cluj, Alexandru Farcas, in whose time Arpad Paszkany obtained from State the land from “Green Cap”, which amounted Polus shopping complex.

ROMDEVON LEASING LTD (formerly ROMDEVON LEASING IFN SA )-Through the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on February 28, 2014, non-bank financial institution was transformed into LTD., and the main object of activity CAEN was changed from “financial leasing” in “trade cars and light motor vehicles”. According to the MPF, IFN former had in 2013 a loss of over 105.000 lei. The new associates are Arpad Zoltan Paszkany (47,63%), the Assix Architecture SRL company (47.29%), Arpad Paszkany-father (2.02%) and Mentor Development LTD (3.04%).

INTEL FORTUNE LTD (formerly Ecomax Management Group SRL) – the company operates under this name since April 22, 2011, when it was changed also the main object of activity into “activities to achieve custom software.” Former CFR and his father meet in this shareholder of this company, with 24, respectively 20 percent. The remaining percentages are divided by Assix Architecture Ltd (16%) and Karacsony Zsolt Janos (40%). The company had a net loss in 2013 of almost 170.000 lei.

ASSIX ARCHITECTURE SRL (formerly Baucom SRL) – is owned in equal proportions by Mentor Development LTD and Szekernyes Karoly, whose main activity is”engineering activities and technical advice”, two employees and a loss in 2013 of 182.000 lei.

COMPANIA DE INFORMATICA APLICATA SA (APPLIED COMPUTER COMPANY SA) – was involved in a scandal at the end of 2013, when the FSA (FSA) fined Arpad Paszkany senior with 51.000 lei for how he took action. “The transactions with issued shores by S.C. company of Applied Informatics SA Cluj-Napoca conducted by SC Assix Architecture SRL Cluj-Napoca (formerly SC Baucom SRL from Cluj-Napoca), Paszkany Arpad and Feher Anamaria in 07/07/2011 and 21/07/2011 data were negotiated transactions in advance; In the context of General Meetings of Shareholders The Applied Informatics company SA Cluj-Napoca dated 10.12.2011, 25.05.2012, 26.10.2012, 03.28.2013 and 28.05.2013 were present, throught trustees, SC Assix Architecture SRL Cluj- Napoca (formerly SC Baucom SRL Cluj-Napoca), Paszkany Arpad and Feher Anamaria who voted identicaly at all points on the agenda of such meetings; Arpad Paszkany and Feher Anamaria were presumed to be acting in concert way regarding Applied Informatics SA company Cluj-Napoca “appeared in ASF decision. Shareholders of the company are Assix Architecture LLC, Arpad Paszkany-father and Anamaria Feher (girlfriend of Paszkany jr.), Which together hold 276 538 shares representing 93.73% of the capital share of the company.

paszkany si anamaria (3)
PAPRIKA RADIO SRL – Arpad Zoltan Paszkany holds a rate of 5.6% and it is associated with several people, including UDMR politicians Kovasc Peter Eckstein and Laszlo Attila and as well as business people Zoltan Nagy, Ioan Mezei, Vasile Vita and Peter Pal .

MANGO RECORDS SRL – record label founded in 2011 by Arpad Zoltan Paszkany and his girlfriend Anamaria Feher, along with TV producer Catalin Maruta. He and his wife, Andra singer, have a close connection with Paszkany and his girlfriend. Anamaria was a dancer in Andra.s band and Anamaria and Paszkany are the godparents of their child . The two couples have spent many holidays together. Since February 2013 entered in Mango Records the two former components of Akcent band, Mihai Gruia and Sorin Brotnei. The two newcomers have 10% each, and Anamaria and Paszkany have 20% each and Maruta 40%.

Paszkany și iubita lui, la venirea dintr-un concediu împreună cu Andra și Măruță

POLUS REAL ESTATE SRL – the company that should have build with Cluj-Napoca Citty Hall the Youth district. Paszkany holds 13% and judges with his associates, two offshore companies Iris Ventures LTD and Burnet Holding LLC to recover the money that he invested in and to exit from the company. Arpad Paszkany jr. and Iris Ventures have already liquidated and dissolved in November 2013 Arcadom Transilvania SRL construction company, in which they were associated.





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