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What ten years ago seemed to be unthinkable now occurred: Horia Ciorcilã, the millionaire founder of the Astral cable, sold at UPC, was associated in a firm with the rival former cable market RCS & RDS of Zoltan Teszari. CA president of Tansilvania Bank, Horia Ciorcilã, has been associated in September 2013 with RCS&RDS and with the businessman Gheorghe Adrian Tomsa in the West Network Invest SA company based in Cluj-Napoca. The association was sealed in the Official Gazette of January 14, 2014. Most of capital has Ciorcilã with 45%, followed by Tomsa with 30% and the RCS & RDS …

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What business have at sight Paszkany and his father. Association MAP

CLUJUST.ro shows you with what business remained in Cluj the businessman Arpad Paszkany after he announced sales of the CFR club and televisions LIVE-LOOK. Over the last years Paszkany and his father took place on offshore companies shareholding companies they run. Recently, senior Paszkany became officially Electrosigma master. We present you an exclusive map of connections between companies in which are involved the two Paszkany and, more recently, Anamaria Feher, the young girlfriend of the former boss of the CFR. Lately, they have focused more on computer market but the links go to the show-biz to Catalin Maruta and two …

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