The streets of Cluj-Napoca will be cleaned and cleared of snow by a group of companies belonging to a german businessman, old friend with PDL deputy Cezar Preda. Otherwise, it was for many years chief over the group of companies, and even recently said that he remained their leader. Preda’s wife is from 2007 the general manager of a company in the group, and until recently the administrator of two companies of the RER (eco-Recovery and recycling) from Galati and Tulcea was the godson of Preda, Ion Dumitru, who later became PDL advisor in Galati County.

The Mayor still PDL-ist Emil Boc announced the winners of that much disputed and discussed auction of 30 million of euros for street cleaning and snow removal, resumed after the court decision. The Mayor listed the winners: “for the first batch was designated winner the association SC RER Ecological Service Oradea SA, SC RETIM Ecological SA, SC RER Ecological Service SRL and SC RER Ecological Service Galati and for the batch II was awarded the SC RER Ecological Service Buzau SA association with SC RER Ecological Service Bucharest REBU SA”

Autospeciale de salubrizare ale companiei RER

According to the Trade Register and the Official Monitor, all these firms have as shareholder the Ecological Recovery and Recycling RER SRL company with headquarters in Bucharest on the Sevastopol street. And the ”mother” company from Bucharest also has a unique “mother” associate in Germany: RRR Recycling Romania GMBH with headquarters in Duisbug, represented by german citizen Alfred Remmert.This entered on the Romania market with the help of the current PDL deputy of Buzau, Cezar Preda, who recounted in an interview about his friendship with the german and his role in the RER group.

Excerpt from the interview published on the website of PDL Buzau:

Reporter:what links do you still have with RER and REBU, beyond those soul ties which remains for entire life, for a cezar predabusinessman who put the shoulder?
Cezar Preda: let me tell you something …RER Bucharest, none,REBU, none, RER Buzãu,none…, in the meaning that Geanina is director of Intersemat, so other firm of Remert, has nothing to do …I stayed, instead, so let me tell you … once, let’s not exaggerate … to say several times, but three to four times a year I am Remmert’s confident in which means remembrance at one table, when the senior comes. It has 76 years …He did business with me in Romania …That’s my only connection and the respect of the people who’ve I secured a bread and i’ve made them to be prominent. Otherwise I never had …
R.You don’t have actions?

C.P: Never gave me. The germans don’t give, it’s a family-run business. These are stories. They paid me royally. I was winning…, I had raw …you can see at the Financial Administration what salaries I had … what I was having at REBU, what salary I had …Huge …It makes no sense to say during this crisis, the more I will say they will think that I won from the garbage business and from…so people say … but you had salary, and you took from our garbage. Isn’t true. Remmert have various business and he leave in options…So I’ve never had …I’m sorry that the world … and especially that I have been attacked strongly in this campaign with this. Indeed at Galati, at RER Galati is my proposal, it was to be the one that is my godson, but is an exceptional boy. Remmert’s agrees that I recommend someone, I suffer if there is a […]when I put Mocanu Liviu , he wanted to bring of from out a manager…Put sir from inside, there are many citizens …Why do you have to bring from Bucharest. Let this boy, grows, these are my relationships and anytime I have a problem and I need them to help me, the RER jumped immediately and if I will enter the campaign still the RER will work alongside their head, because I am still their boss. ”

Preda’s godson, Ion Dumitru, was an administrator at the RER Ecological Service Galati and RER Salubris Service

 Ion Dumitru
Ion Dumitru

Tulcea.From the last one he was revoked in May this year, after entering in County Council Galati from PDL, as a result of the passage of an advisor to the PMP.
jeanina predaCezar Preda’s wife is german’s employed.

According to the declaration of assets of deputy Cezar Preda , his wife, Jeanina Preda (pictured) won last year as general manager of Bucharest Intersemat almost 224.000 lei. Intersemat is owned by RER Ecological Recovery and Recycling SRL Bucharest.



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