All The President’s Men. Corruption in Cluj County. GRAPHIC SCHEME presents you for the first time a graphic scheme with all the connections of County Council  president Horea Uioreanu, arising out of the corruption investigation from DNA. Who, how and what was paid, wanted or had to pay contributions.

razvan_popElectronic records of money held by Razvan Pop (pictured), former Chief of cabinet of the arrested President of the Cluj County Council,Horia Uioreanu, the statement of the same Pop witness and the DNA intercepts revealed the connections that Uioreanu had between businessmen and politicians.Of these, two businessmen,Ioan Bene and Vasile Pogacean, are prevetive arrested and put on trial, the Director of a  large company Gabriel Davidescu is on trial in freedom for bribery, and the politician,Ioan Petran, is on trial for corruption in freedom.


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bene capIoan Bene – shareholder at SC Napoca Construction SA and other companies such as Napocamin, Panpetrol, Construdava, Taurus Group and Ben & Ben.Napoca Construction Company built the new runway of 2,100 meters  from Cluj Airport, in the final value of 186 million. Cluj DNA prosecutors send him on trial because he would have paid a bribe of 275,000 lei for Uioreanu company that he manages to collect money from the County Council. Although Bene told prosecutors that he was pressured to bribe, the investigators claim in the  indictment that he was the “leadership” on Uioreanu: “As support some of the interviewed witnesses, in  this relationship, the defendant Bene Ioan clearly had an ascending upon the President of Cluj County.  Such a position is revealed also by the telephone conversations between the two, discussions that  indicate that the meetings of the defendants were required and managed by defendant Ioan Bene, he was  the one who interfering and sometimes even change the program of the Cluj County Council President, when  he had interest to meet with it. Note that there have been instances where, although the defendant  Uioreanu Horea asked the defendant Bene Ioan to organize meetings, he was refused by the defendant Bene Ioan.

Vasile Pogăcean
Vasile Pogăcean

Vasile Pogacean – owner of Sinai Comimpex company, that had many construction and plumbings contracts with Cluj county municipalities. Pogacean is also a PNL member. Otherwise he candidate of the Iclod Liberal Party for the local elections in 2008.DNA prosecuters charged him for that he would have sent to Uioreanu almost 135.000 lei from nearly 700.000 lei claimed, representing 15% of the budget amounts of Cluj County allocated for ongoing contracts by Sinai Comimpex SRL company with several mayors  municiplities from Cluj County.According to the indictment “Uioreanu Horea Dorin denied to have received any amount of money from the defendant Pogãcean Vasile, except for the amount of 20.000 lei received on 10 May 2014 which stated that it was a ‘sponsorship’ for the election campaign located in progress, amount of money that has not produced any documents. On his turn, the defendant Vasile Pogacean, denied any remittance of money to the Cluj County Council President, with any title “.

Gabriel Davidescu, director de dezvoltare UTI SA
Gabriel Davidescu, director de dezvoltare UTI SA

Gabriel Davidescu – development manager in the UTI SA company, owned by millionaire Tiberiu Urdareanu. According to filed documents note that “on April 9, 2014, the defendants Davidescu Gabriel Radu, development manager within UTI Group SA, has agreed with the defendants Uioreanu Horea and Petran Ioan (county councillor in Cluj County) the ammount remittance of 20.000 euros, 10.000 euros each, to initiate and vote in favor of a resolution draft by the County to approve the establishment and long-term parking pricing within the Avram Iancu International Airport of Cluj Napoca. Note that, of the promised amount on April 17, 2014, defendant Davidescu Gabriel Radu has submitted to the two of them 10.000 euros, 5.000 euros for each one”.

petran capIoan Petran – liberal county councillor , professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering from UTCN and associate at Ada Construct SRL. According to DNA prosecutors, he was Uioreanu’s partner in negotiations with Gabriel Davidescu in Bucharest. “The defendant Petran Ioan was picked up by a car provided by the defendant Gabriel Radu Davidescu with which he went to the Radisson Hotel, he took also the defendant Uioreanu Horea Dorin and together with the defendant Davidescu Gabriel moved to the UTI Group SA. During the discussions, the defendants have agreed that, in exchange for submission by the defendant Davidescu  Gabriel Radu for the amount of 20.000 euros, 10.000 euros for each representative of the CJ Cluj, they will propose the initiation of a draft resolution and will vote favorably for the establishment of the long term parking in the conditions and the location targeted by the concessionaire. After the completion of the negotiations, the defendants Petran Ioan and Uioreanu Horea Dorin returned in Cluj- Napoca. In the afternoon of the same day the defendant Petran Ioan got in touch with the defendant Davidescu Gabriel to whom he communicated via an SMS that he will have to pay the amount of 20.000 euros in cash and that will keep in touch on the issue under debate: Twenty cash … and talk…, “it looks in the indictment.

gabriel-silagyiGabriel Silagy – owner at MBS Group construction company and former local councilor PDL in Turda. Is suspect in the investigation file to DNA prosecutors. From the data of the file it seems that he wanted to enter in Horia Uioreanu’s grace. Thus, according to prosecutors in early 2013 he would’ve submitted over 33.000 lei through intermediaries. More specifically through the company of the father of a member of PNL Cluj, Alin Baicoci, that would have issued invoices by MBS Group. “The agreement with Baicoci Alin and his father, SC Desk Impex issued a number of 3 invoices totaling 101,449.62 which fictional attested rentals of machines by the MBS Group SRL. The invoices were collected at the end of 2012 and early 2013. After paying due taxes to state budget to the related invoices, SC Desk Impex representative sent to the Cluj County President in two installments, the total amount of 33.675 lei, from which 20,000 lei through Teaha Mihai advocate and 13.675 lei through counselor Razvan Marius Pop”, prosecutors said in the report on the proposal for the preventive arrest of Horia Uioreanu . MBS Company left unfinished Rachitele – Ic Ponor tourist road, which after five years of signing the contract is not ready. Moreover, Cluj County Council filed in early 2014 a criminal complaint against to DNA against the company on the gounds that he used inferior concrete from the one prescribed in the technical design. The work is almost entirely funded by the European Union. MBS Group won several contracts with the State for building ice rinks and pools during PDL government.

abrudean mirceaMircea Abrudean – vicepresident of PNL Cluj, former advisor to senator Marius Nicoara, who is also his godfather. Program Director to Transelectrica, Abrudean is associated in no less than six companies, as shown in his statement of assets and interests: Mira Consulting SRL, SIAB Development SRL, Cat Consult SRL, Leader Consulting SRL, Bramir SRL and Napotech Proiect SRL . Two of these companies appear on DNA prosecutors report in Uioreanu’s case as beeing involved in a project for the modernization of the county roads, at the auction with known winners beforehand. According to investigators, “in October 2013 Abrudean Mircea, associate and manager at SC Siab Development SRL Cluj Napoca, proposed to the Uioreanu Horia Dorin suspect to start up the project, offering to achieve through the companies that holds design and feasibility studies. The interest in the launch of this project aimed to obtain contracts and overpricing costs related to the elaboration of technical projects and feasibility studies, in the sense that Mircea Abrudean proposed to Cluj County president remission of 10% from the value of contracts to their collection. “Value of the contracts was 240,000 euros.
ovidiu florian capOvidiu Florian – Liberal councilor, designer and associated in five companies: N & D International SRL., Arch Consult Solution SRL, Zorilor Restaurant SRL, Dafa Logistic SRL and Telemax SRL. On one side of the witness Razvan Pop declaration, released of, shows that he would have negotiated with a Kaufland delegate the amount of 500 000 euros on invoice for the support given by Uioreanu to the construction of a supermarket in Gheorgheni.” I know that Ovidiu Florian proposed to Uioreanu Horia a private business and turned to his support and his influence to clarify some issues and to facilitate obtaining approvals for an exchange of land owned by the Ministry of Education through the National Institute of Agricultural Machinery (INMA). In particular, Kaufland company was planning to build a hypermarket in the Iulius Mall area, on a Agromec’s land, in the middle of which INMA has a building, without beeing the owner of the land under the building. The idea was that through interventions at the ministry, the institution should give her consent to transfer the building,and to receive in return, a land and a building in another location. For this support, Florian negotiated with Kaufland’s representative the amount of 500,000 euros, money that would have been received on invoice, but they should be divided into equal parts, after paying state taxes. The land targeted by those from Kaufland, was estimated at 3.7 million. As far as I know, up to this point has been signed the sale and purchase agreement with AGROMEX and about INMA it was made the offer on the exchange of property. ”

dorin aschilean capDorin Aschilean – associated with his brother Ioan at ACI Cluj construction company. One part of Razvan Pop’s statement, shown by, Uioreanu turned to Aschilean when the money from Bene were finished. “When the amount from Ioan Bene went to zero, the president put me in touch with Aschilean Dorin, who came to visit Cluj County in a similar manner as Ioan Bene did and after a discussion with president in his office, which attended only the two, Uioreanu president called me and asked me to get along with Mr. Aschilean on a subsequent meeting. I agreed with Mr. Aschilean to go on the same day at ACI Cluj, which I did, somewhere around 15:00, where Aschilean gave me an envelope with money in which it was the sum of 30,000 lei in notes of 200 lei. I returned to the office and I presented to the President, I do not remember if in the same day or the next day, the amount received. Specifically I retain that the president was disappointed probably he expected more “Pop claimed in front of investigators. ACI Company has built Cluj Arena stadium, and this year won the auction for building the industrial park Tetarom 4, worth 36 million lei.


veres eugenEugen Veres – Associated and general manager of a cleaning company Brantner- Veres and owner of the SALPREST company. According to, former Chief of Cabinet of the president Uioreanu says that he received money for his boss from Veres. “Based on the relationship between the president and VERES Eugen, owner of the Salprest Servicii Ecologice, the latter remitted to Uioreanu Horia through me the amount of 10,000 lei in 07/18/2013 at its headquarters from Cluj-Napoca, P-ta Mihai Viteazu, and on 09.09.2013 the same amount of 10,000 lei the money were handed me in the car near Cluj County headquarters. I do not know what agreements occurred between the two, I just received the task to receive and manage the money for CJ Cluj president”, it said in the Razvan Pop’s testimony.

dumitru-samson capDumitru Samson- businessman and stepson of the former Defense Minister, the liberal Corneliu Dobritoiu. His name appears in Razvan Pop’s statements . “I know that Samson Dumitru negotiated with Horia Uioreanu in the fall of 2013 to obtain the cleaning contract for the Airport of Cluj-Napoca, the contract was awarded to Exclusive Cleaning SRL, owned by Moisa Dragos, known to Samson. By contract was  concerned and Veres Eugen, but Uioreanu proposed him to subcontract from Exclusive Cleaning “Pop told investigators. Dumitru Samson was indicted by departament of Criminal Investigation and The General Prosecutor’s Office for criminal election fraud. He’s accused of organizing and financing a criminal group to defrauding the referendum for dismissal of President Traian Basescu, group in which the underworld leaders didn’t miss. DNA Cluj reveals that Liberal headquarters seat was won by the underworld leaders in referendum day where they were paid to make people to get out to vote, with Dumitru Samson’s contest.

Traian_Maris capTraian Maris – former chief of the Forest Departamet Cluj. His name is invoked in Razvan Pop’s statement. He supports that Maris would have sent to Uioreanu 15,000 lei through Marisel mayor, whose name is also Traian Maris. Pop said that from the latter he actually received the money that camed from the other Maris, such would have bought the position of Director of Forestry Department Cluj. Maris director was taken into custody in 2013 for taking bribes. He was sentenced last month by the High Court of Cassation and Justice to the penalty of three years and 10 months imprisonment with conditional suspension and disqualification to hold a leading position for four years. According to the indictment, Maris demanded money from forest ranger in order to preserve their jobs and to deliver them a favorable opinion to the arranged controls in blocks. DNA prosecutors emphasizing in the indictment that it was “repeated and constant practice” of Cluj Forestry Department management to ask for employees’ MONEY as a “mafia-style contributions” of 20,000 euros annually for each district within the Directorate. The money were remitted in two installments. Also, the rangers sent wood to Maris , which in turn he provide them jobs.

gruia-stoicaVasilel Didila – brother and business partner of millionaire Gruia Stoica from Romanian Railway Group (GFR) appears in the witness statement given by prosecution by the chief of the Office of the President Uioreanu, the young Razvan Pop. According to the Razvan Pop’s statement, shown on, “At the end of May 2012, at headquarters party came to visit Uioreanu , Gruia Stoica’s brother. I know they discussed in the courtyard and in the end, Uioreanu called me and asked me to accompany that Mr. to a discussion. I left the place with it, we both got into my car and I said we’ll go to a place nearby. The man pulled out from his coat pocket a thick envelope, then he stepped out of my car without saying anything. I was amazed at what was happening, I took the envelope and I have found that it contains 50,000 euros in 500 euro notes (because I counted the money), I took the money and I went to the office where I told the President what happened and that gentleman left 50,000 euros. Uioreanu was not surprised at all, unlike me “. Pop said that he find out later from a counselor that it is about Gruia Stoica’s brother.

Pardau_DumitruDumitru Pardau – PNL Suceava deputy. He appears in Razvan Pop’s statement, according to “In December 2013, the deputy of Suceava, Pardau Dumitru met with Cluj County Council president, in his car which was parked nearby, a black Volvo XC 60 and pulled out an envelope that he handed it to me, in it being the amount of 22,500 lei in 200 lei notes. Pardau Dumitru told me that I’ll be looking for an electrical company representative, I gave him my phone number to contact. Note that, prior to the president map it was a signed addendum to extend the contract for designing electrical parts from transfer stations from the Integrated Waste Management Center, “said Chief of Cabinet Uioreanu to DNA.


vadean diferit srlGrigore Vadean – CEO at Diferit SRL, road repair and snow removing company. showed previously that Vadean and the chief of the Regional Roads, supported by PNL, Eugen Cecan, are involved in Uioreanu file. “In the autumn of 2012, probably in October, at Cluj, it was presented Vadean, director of the Diferit SRL firm , which left to the Uioreanu’s secretary a brown envelope in which was the amount of 45,000 lei. Secretary was expected to came back the president in office and when he returned in institution she asked what contains the envelope and from whom it comes. As the secretary did not know to give the required data, the president asked the secretary to open the envelope. In front was also M.L. secretary . Was found that in the envelope was the amount of 45,000 lei, and I showed up myself into the office, and the president asked me to check, to find out from where comes the money. Because I hadn’t the necessary informations and the secretary did not know anything to enlighten me, I decided to buy a UV lamp to check the money. I saw that everything is okay and I told the President that the money are not marked. In about two days I found out that Cecan Eugen, CNADR director asked to the businessman who ownes Diferit company to bring the Cluj County Council president the amount of 10 000 euros or the equivalent in lei, the money being needed for the president, “said Marius Razvan Pop witness, in the declaration tab located at no. 88 from the prosecution case.

necunoscutLucian Mihut – owner of Inter Sport SRL Cluj-Napoca. According to Razvan Pop says that Mihut requested a meeting in the most mobster landscape at the edge of a forest from Gilau. “On March 14, 2014,I was going to meet with Rus Alin and possibly Mihut Lucian, Inter Sport SRL owner, intending to hand over a sum of money to CJ Cluj president for the endowment contract of the athletics track on Cluj Arena with the necessary equipment for intenational athletic competitions. The meeting, intermediated and fixed by Alin Rus, was to take place at the edge of forest from Gilau, on the way that leads to the Milenium restaurant but I quit. The auction won by Intersport SRL took place in December 2013, “said Razvan Pop to DNA Cluj.




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