www.CLUJUST.ro is the only site dedicated exclusively to the Cluj journalistic justice and investigation. Comprehensible to the general public, reports on investigations and trials in the judicial system. Public investigations aimed at the irregularities or men in the political, administrative, economics. Advertising offer contains a wide variety of advertising banners or the possibility of publication of the articles in section Advertorial.

CLUJUST.ro was fishing pounds in April 6, 2014. He managed to reach a site quickly with notoriety in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Record traffic is 22,546 unique visitors/day in 04.01.2016, according to trafic.ro. Approximately 100,000 visitors per month and an average of 3,500 unique readers per day, according to Google Analytics and trafic.ro

CLUJUST Facebook page has over 8,200 fans, many of whom with legal studies or important functions in other areas.

Partners: Bar, avocatura.com, UniversulJuridic.ro, law students ' Association Elsa Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of law, "Dimitrie Cantemir".

The public site is one potentially financially educated and who wishes to read the correct news, without exaggerations, complete information and journalistic investigations. Readers are lawyers, magistrates, practitioners of other legal professions, institutions, administrative officials, businessmen. The site also has a section for students of law where recounts the events dedicated to them.

The main interest of our readers are real estate, Automotive and Financial Services Market.

Below you can see which are the main interests of the readers of Clujust.ro, according to data on the past 12 months from Google Analytics.


clujust readers interests annex

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Visitors are men of 49.1% and 50.9% women. Ages are 18-24 years:-10.09% 25-34 years 35-37,64%-44 years-between 45%, 30,07-54 years, 55%-12,11-64 years, 65%,69 and over years-2.59%.

Email: office@clujust.ro

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